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Mexican Detox – The Cleanse Retreat

Take advantage of paradise for a healing vacation with fresh fruits and produce, a gorgeous coastline and some ‘me time’

When we think of Mexico is common to relate vacation with lots of eating, drinking and partying, but you’ll be surprised to learn that Mexico is also a destination for those looking for a quality relaxing time. So enjoy a week with the benefits of the warm weather while taking care of your health.

Finding a therapy that suits your needs won’t be hard. From yoga to cleansing retreats, to beach and mountain trails Mexico has it all, and at Baja Cleanse you will get a customized body detox that promise to work your stress away, digestive issues and even emotional disconnection.

The idea behind Baja Cleanse is designing a retreat for each guest to clear mind, body, and spirit. The properties are chosen and rented according to a specific group and everything else is included: detox meals, classes, therapies, kayaking and even your transfer from and to Cabo San Luca international airport – for an all-inclusive worry-free vacation.

“We use fresh, local, in-season fruits and vegetables for fresh juicing, green juices, alkalizing broths, and smoothies: Nopal, Moringa, Pitaya to name a few of the local favorites – Baja Cleanse.”

The city of Los Barriles is located about a 1h45min drive from Cabo San Luca international airport, with shores to the beautiful and sheltered Sea of Cortez, so you are guaranteed a peaceful stay. All the properties are far from busy centers and right at the beach.

Baja California
Even though Baja California has some of the best world-class resorts, the west coast of Mexico is famous for its outdoor activities. A peninsula between the Pacific ocean and the equally lively Sea of Cortez.

Visit Baja California for some hiking adventure, waterfalls sighting, wine tasting, whale shark watching, snorkeling, boating, fishing and one of the best culinary in the country!

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