Destination Wedding

Silky Sands, Turquoise Sea, Wedding Day

Indulge yourself to a stress-free getaway to celebrate one of the most important days of your life. Destination weddings are the perfect opportunity to bring together the people you love to enjoy an unforgettable moment in paradise.

When deciding to take your wedding away from home, there are many things to consider: ‘where should we go, where do we stay, how do we bring people from so many different cities to be in one single place…’ and the list goes on. Maybe you both have traveled to the chosen destination before and fell in love with the scenery, but how to organize everything from the distance?

Like any other aspect of such an important moment, deciding on a destination wedding should also be fun. Of course, planning is necessary, but with everyone’s life being so busy, when would the couple find time to deal with every detail – and without even being there? Most of the famous destinations for love birds to tight the knot is prepared to host weddings and are equipped to do it seamlessly, but having a helping hand to take care of flights, accommodation, the ceremony, decoration, the reception and be a pair of eyes at the destination would surely be nice.

“Choosing a travel agent to coordination your trip helps to take off the responsibility of one of the many things the couple needs to do to prepare for the big day. Work together with your travel designer to create your dream wedding and let him/her do the rest.”

Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica are amongst the preferred places for North Americans and it is not hard nowadays to find hotels and resorts equipped for weddings and prepared to work with big groups. But learning what to expect from the chosen venue makes a difference when it comes to your experience – one wedding will not be the same from another.

From the vacation to the post-ceremony relaxing days, make sure you know what is offered considering the size of the group, the number of days staying at the hotel, the price of the package and the season. We have learned that most frustrations come from misguided expectations.

The big day in a dreamy place
About 80% of our clients are located in North America, so we find it to be natural for couples to chose warm destinations to escape from hard winters, but as we said, not one couple is the same. Many prefer to be surrounded by snow, mountains, ski-hills, cliffs and even under water for a magical and unique experience.

If sandy beaches are not your style, don’t forget the world is your oyster…